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What is the role of Dhananjaya in the film Ratnan Prapancha

Actor Dhananjaya ‘s second innings began after the super hit ‘Tagaru’ in Chandanavan . He was portrayed as the ‘ Dolly ‘ of the film and was admired by the people. Khadak was later featured in the popcorn monkey tiger film. Interesting information has also surfaced about the role of Dhananjaya’s Ratnan Prapancha.

Dhananjaya, who has appeared in mass incarnations, is a Sakhat class in the film ‘Ratnan Panchapa’. What is special is that he plays the insurance agent in this movie ! This insurance agent role may be different than the commercial roles that have been accrued in recent years.

I’m going to look like a normal bourgeois boy. He is a young man who works overtime for his family. The story is very different. Dhananjaya told the Times of India about his role. Some posters have also been released indicating what his character’s getup will look like. Umashree is playing the role of the hero mother.

Umashree and Dhananjaya were confronted by the camera while filming ‘Dolly’ Hero for a different storyline in Mysore. Dhananjaya says, “It was a good experience to be working with Umashree.” ‘Ratnan Prapancha‘ film will be shot in Bangalore, Gadag and Kashmir. Shooting, following covid-19 protocols. In addition, Dhananjaya is busy in many movies.


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