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Viewers to Celebrate Movies Again; Act 1978 to be released on November 20

Mansore directed Hostage Thriller, the first Kannada film to hit theaters after the “Act 1978” lockdown, will bring people back to cinemas and hope that the cinema industry will collapse again. Actress Yajna Shetty is staying in Mumbai after her wedding. She also said that she was missing the Mangalore residence. The actress played an interesting role in the film and attracted viewers from its first look. A poster depicting a pregnant woman surrounded by a human bomb carrying a handgun was released on November 20. “Mansoor has approached her for this film when she is not ready to sign any film for some time due to her personal commitment. 

“When they approached me, I felt helpless that I would not be able to return to acting, but they insisted on telling me a story. The team has set the entire shooting to my advantage and I’m happy to be part of the wonderful story. ” The story of the film is the main key hand that draws the audience. It is interesting to note that even though I was a spectator, I was attracted to watch this story on the silver screen. Tagged ‘Make-up actor’ and ‘One take artist’. In a way, I thought it was a blessing for me. The filmmakers and the audience thought that I was a serious actor and was confident that I could play any difficult role. Even Mansour thought I could totally weigh this role. “

Doing commercial pictures can be boring after a while. “When you get down memory lane, you will be proud that you have chosen such things and played difficult roles. Act 1978 is a film that is close to reality and I think I played the character to everyone’s expectations. ” The actress claimed that the screenplay was a hero in the film. “I think the makers, including the characters of the hostages, the police and the politicians, have brought the story to fruition, all of which are performed by famous artists. This is a film that will make the audience think about it, ”she said.


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