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Sanjay Dutt Family Celebrates Diwali With South Indian ‘Super Star’

Actor Sanjay Dutt, who won the Cancer epic a few days ago, is now celebrating the Diwali festival with his family . So much so that this time a special guest joined them. Even more fun with that special guest is celebrating the Sanju Family. So, who is that actor? Mohanlal!

Sanju is now in Dubai with his family. This is where he celebrated Diwali. Mohanlal has also been given the role by Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. On his way to Dubai last week, Mohanlal met actor Sanjay Dutt, who lives there, and celebrated the festival with him. The photo with the Dutt family is shared on Instagram. These photos have gotten appreciation from the fan side.


Due to Sanjay Dutt’s illness, his role in ‘KGF Chapter 2’ remains pending. As she was recovering from cancer, Sanju told her about it. “I left a beard for my superhero role in the film KGF. I will be shooting that cinema in November. I am very happy to be back on set. ‘ He also uploaded new photos and gave the caption ‘Ready to play a superhero in KGF2’.


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