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Augustine Sakhat responds to Trivikrama’s song Mummy Please Mummy

Trivikrama, Crazystar’s son Vikram Ravichandran is the hero. Much anticipation has been made and most of the shooting is over. Only two songs have been reserved for filming. The song ‘Mummy Please Mommy’ has been uploaded to social networking site by A2 music. Fida is the songwriter of her beloved song near her mother. Frequently looking at YouTube. More than 7 lakhs of these weaves have been received in three days.

Vijay Prakash sings the song ‘Mummy Mummy’ written by Dr. V. Nagendra Prasad. This is the song that has made Arjun a sakhat in birth music. Sahanna Murthy is directing the film Trivikrama by Somanna Ramko under the Gauri Entrainer logo The story, screenplay and dialogues are also by Shana Murthy. Santosh Rai Pathaje, Guru Prashant Rai Photography and KM Prakash’s trio are in the picture.

Akanksha Sharma is playing the heroine of Vikram Ravichandran. Tulsi Sivamani, Suchindra Prasad, Sadhukokila, Chikkanna, Rohit Roy, Adilokesh, Shivamani, Akshara Gowda are among the star cast. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film, which has generated enough trend through song and trailer.


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